Costumes and cosplayers from Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015

General / 07 September 2015

This time last month I had the good fortune to venture back up to London for Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015. I’m unsure how  I first heard of this event… possibly via word-of-mouth? Now in its 3rd year, I’ve been intrigued by its vastly pan-geeky melting-pot of content, commitment to minimising barriers to enjoyment for people due to age, gender, orientation, race and so on, and slick online presence.

There are many ways an event like Nine Worlds affords having a fantastic weekend; so much is going on it forces you to prioritise and some excellent content has to fall by the wayside to make room for even better stuff. But I felt overall it was good to have half-hour breaks between the sessions as they allowed people to connect afterwards with other participants, and it slowed down the pace of things which can otherwise be overwhelmingly hectic. These breaks afforded me a chance to photograph the many costumed attendees and it was splendid to see media from animation to books to cinema to comics to games celebrated with pride by people from all over the UK and beyond!

Pictures were taken with my Samsung NX20 compact system camera, without a tripod. I took a 1.8 / 50mm Pentacon lens with me, a manual focus lens purchased off ebay and attached with an adapter for the NX mount. I asked my subjects to bear with me for one or two minutes while I set up the shot as the manual focus is tricky to get right.  I think the results are very pleasing!

Next post will be about swordplay workshops that I attended at Nine Worlds. As for the next convention I attend, it’s likely to be Mancunicon / Eastercon in 2016…!